Giovanni M. Colpi (0000-0003-1431-1777)

Giovanni M. Colpi, M.D.

Total number of publications: 137
Original articles: 99; Reviews: 15; Editorials: 2; Book Chapters: 21; International Books: 5; Italian Books: 10
H-index: 35; i10-index; 67; No. of citations: 4108

Scientific Director, and Head of Andrology Unit, Next Fertility Procrea, Lugano (Switzerland).
Consultant Andrologist, Next Fertility Milano, Milan (Italy).

Full Academician of the European Academy of Andrology (EAA) (since 2000)
Specialist in Urology, in Andrology and in Endocrinology.
Former Head of the Andro-Urology and IVF Department, San Paolo Hospital, University of Milan (Italy) (2000-2013).

Member of the Committee for the Guidelines on OligoAsthenoTeratozoospermia of the European Academy of Andrology (EAA) (2016-today).
Former Member of the Health Care Office for the Guidelines on Male Infertility of the European Association of Urology (EAU) (2000-2008).
Former Adjunct Professor in Andrology, Universities of Milan, Pavia and L'Aquila.
Invited Lecturer in Andrology in many other Universities (Milan, Varese, Florence, Strasbourg, Pisa, Brescia).
Member of International and Italian Scientific Societies.Author of 145 Papers in International or non-Italian Journals or International Scientific Books (116 indexed on PubMed), and more than 200 Papers in Italian Journals or Books.

Author of more than 150 Invited Lectures or Oral Presentations at International Congresses and more than 300 Invited Lectures or Oral Presentations at Italian Congresses.
Organizer or Co-Organizer of more than 45 Scientific Congresses, 9 of them International.

Editor-in-Chief of Reproductive Medicine & Andrology Section of Journal of Clinical Medicine.
Member of the Editorial Board of Andrologia and of International Journal of Fertility and Sterility.
Reviewer for some International Journals.
- Andrology
- Human Reproduction Update
- Journal of Endocrinological Investigation
- Journal of Urology and Nephrology
- et al.

Other Biographical Data
Founder of the first Semen Bank in Italy for oncological patients (1983) and first in studying sexological and reproductive problems in Spinal Cord Injured men (1981) in Italy, and the first in the Literature to use sonography applied to male infertility diagnosis (see: a chapter in international book in 1983-85), he is a well-known expert in Uro-Andrology, especially for complex cases of male infertility.
An expert in seminal tract and testis microsurgery (more than 1500 MicroTese performed, many dozens of microsurgical excisions of testis incidentalomas, dozens of microsurgical recanalizations of the seminal tracts, etc.), for about two decades he was the Head of Uro-Andrology and IVF Unit in San Paolo Hospital, University of Milan, one the most comprehensive Andrological Units, including an IVF section mainly devoted to the severe cases of male infertility.
He described and applied new surgical techniques in Andrology, some of them only historical (artificial spermatocele, seminal tract washout), other innovative and still in progress for their safety (for congenital penile curvature, for obstructive azoospermia due to Müllerian cyst, for varicocele).
His present scientific interests are mainly linked to clinical practice, especially in the varied presentations of severe Male Infertility: seminology with predictive functional tests, diagnostic tests for MAGI, seminal tract sonography, epidydimal subclinical pathology, etiopathogenesis of varicoceles, safe/effective varicocelectomy techniques, predictive factors and surgical sperm retrieval techniques in non-obstructive azoospermia, best sperm selection for ICSI and DFI evaluation in severe OATspermia and retrievals in NOA, and their ICSI outcome.

Consultant of European Medicines Agency in 2008

Updated April 26, 2022